girl-with-phone99.999% Reliability. Your Landline Phone is Your Lifeline!

Whether you depend on your phone as a lifeline, to run your business, or as constant contact with family members, Glenwood has reliable phone service that is perfect for everyone.

Your phone is now powered by fiber optics, making it even more reliable and secure!

Top 9 Reasons to get a Landline

  1. Because you want to keep your family safe.
  2. Faster Internet.
  3. Our 911 service has address recognition.
  4. Quality – We have mandated 99.999% reliability.
  5. We are regulated, meaning higher service standards.
  6. You want a great voice conversation all the time.
  7. You get money back each year, and we can all use a little extra cash!
  8. When the power goes out the conversation doesn’t.
  9. Free incoming calls.

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